Conspect, Jibes, Scamander and OCS Consulting are now including Saas Now in their portfolios

Huizen, the Netherlands, 12 May 2015 – Saas Now, the new business intelligence cloud solution from SAS and Amsio, has been included in the portfolio of partners Conspect, Jibes, Scamander and OCS Consulting. With Saas Now, they offer a self-service BI application, specifically developed for medium-sized businesses, which clients can use to benefit from SAS Visual Analytics features via the Cloud.

Kirsten Hurkens, partner and independent software vendor (ISV) manager at SAS: ‘By including Saas Now in their portfolios, Conspect, Jibes, Scamander and OCS Consulting are responding to the growing demand for self-service analytics. They also provide added value for end users for specific software applications. This gives clients an environment in which they can get to work straight away.’

Faster, better decisions
Saas Now offers a quick and cost-effective way to experience the power of business intelligence solutions. The application is extremely intuitive so that it gives business professionals the opportunity to conduct ad hoc data research, compile reports and share them with their colleagues easily and simply by themselves. Via the browser, they have direct access to visual presentations of their insights on desktops as well as mobile devices. This makes it an attractive solution for organisations that want to arrive at better decisions faster using data visualisation and analytics.

‘Saas Now is available on request within one working day and can be cancelled with one month’s notice. That makes a real difference if you compare it to normal implementation and licensing processes for BI tools,’ remarks Henk Mosterd, managing director of Amsio. ‘Clients are not tied to long implementation times and major upfront investments. They can get to work almost immediately. The market’s initial reactions to Saas Now have been very positive. The fact that these partners are adding our solution to their portfolio is promising.’

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About Amsio
Amsio offers a large variety of cloud- and managed services since 15 years. From multiple certified data centres and via an own IP network, Amsio has a unique position to provide excellent managed infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions for customers and partners. Amsio became the dedicated hosting partner of SAS Nederland in 2009, and the two partners currently work together to create large private cloud environments for international clients like Heineken, TNT and KLM.

About SAS
SAS is a specialist in the field of business analytics software and service provision, and the largest independent provider of business intelligence software. With innovative solutions within an integrated framework, SAS helps clients at more than 70,000 locations to improve their performance and create value by making faster, better decisions. Since 1976, SAS has been delivering ‘THE POWER TO KNOW’ to its clients across the world.

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