Amsio Group sells shares Argeweb

Cloud provider Amsio prepares for accelerated growth by selling sister company Argeweb. Selling Argeweb allows for full focus on the growth of Amsio by the shareholders and executives. Also Amsio will be working closely with KPN.

Sister company Argeweb and Amsio were largely managed by the same management team and executives. By selling Argeweb, this group can focus entirely on Amsio. “Due to the enormous growth of Amsio in recent years there was a need for full commitment of the people involved, which is a fact as of today”, says Gerben van Leeuwen, CEO of Amsio Group. “Argeweb remains to be an important customer, but it allows us to push forward with Amsio.”.

The acquisition of Argeweb by KPN fits well with the ambition of the telecom provider to achieve further growth in the business market for cloud and hosting. “Argeweb is one of the largest and most successful hosting companies in The Netherlands”, according to John van Vianen, Director KPN Zakelijke Markt. “Through this acquisition, we strengthen our market position and increase scale in a fast growing market”.

At the same time KPN will collaborate with Amsio. This provides KPN access to a Microsoft Azure Pack platform that Amsio will provide. Besides that, Amsio will connect its data centers to the KPN network, which allows Amsio to make its services more accessible for its partners. The number of office locations that can be easily connected to the Amsio network greatly increases and the collaboration with KPN will be strengthened.


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