Become an Amsio partner today

At Amsio, our primary focus is on helping our partners to better serve their customers. Not just with our Amsio™Cloud platform, but also with our extensive knowledge and expertise. We believe that IT companies should focus on what they do best. Here at Amsio, we’re experts at building, managing and operating cloud infrastructure, and we want to make this knowledge work for our partners. Let us help you develop your own solutions and tailor them to your customers’ needs. We look forward to doing business together!

Amsio™ Circle Partner Program

Amsio has an extensive partner program through which we engage in joint marketing initiatives with our business partners, sharing sales tools and providing sales support; even hosting joint events. Your success is our success!

Going the extra mile

At Amsio, we don’t use the term “partner” lightly. Partnership with Amsio means more than simply making use of our services; we actively help our partners to succeed! Our Amsio™Cloud platform allows our partners to focus on their own core business and on driving revenue, secure in the knowledge that we’re taking care of the infrastructure—after all, that’s what we do what we do best. Partnership carries other benefits, too. We collaborate closely with our partners, involving them in joint product development and using their feedback to improve our services. In turn, we share our expertise and help our partners to “score”.

Our partners

Our Amsio™Cloud platform is used by a wide variety of partners. Many of them are System Integrators (SI), who make use of our infrastructure, flexible services and self-service portal. Other partners include Hosting Service Providers (HSPs), Value Added Resellers (VARs) and Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). These partners not only use our cloud platform, but also come to us for our specialist knowledge on hosting and infrastructure.


Become an Amsio partner today!