Web hosting

Web hosting is a service that allows organizations to store information, images and other content accessed through their website. In order to guarantee a secure, fast connection and ensure that the website is always available, this content is stored on the hosting provider’s servers. Good hosting is crucial for business; for example, an online store may have thousands of daily visitors and requires real-time inventory management and secure transactions. At Amsio, our premium web servers and database servers are reliable, secure and fast. This allows us to offer imminently scalable, high-availability hosting environments. You can rest easy knowing that your websites, databases, and online applications will be up and running around the clock.

Redundancy and scalability

Heavy website traffic? No problem. Amsio has the necessary server capacity to handle peaks, whether temporary or permanent. We also have extensive experience in hosting high-traffic sites and databases and in distributing traffic across different infrastructures within one or more data centers.

Database hosting

Database uptime and availability is critical to your organization’s success. Amsio has hundreds of servers hosting databases for millions of websites. Our MySQL and Microsoft SQL database servers have uptime guarantees of nearly 100%.

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