Data center locations

Amsio’s network is distributed across multiple data centers worldwide, all of which are redundantly configured. This redundancy allows us to perform maintenance on our network without causing any downtime, ensuring that we can meet the high availability guarantees stipulated in our Service Level Agreements (SLA). Curious about what a data center looks like on the inside? We offer our customers the opportunity to visit our primary data center, Interxion. Contact us for more information.

Amsio netwerk


Full redundancy is only one of the many ways in which we safeguard our network and guarantee high availability. Our core network consists of Foundry and Juniper equipment. These two brands are the undisputed market leaders in their respective segments. Amsio also has a private ring linking our data centers using redundant 10 gigabit connections, as well as contracts with a number of internet providers in the Netherlands and worldwide, ensuring that multiple back-up connections are available at all times.

Service Level Agreement

At Amsio, we believe in offering our customers clear guarantees about the performance of the applications we host for them. This includes applicable performance levels, response times, service windows, and availability. These guarantees are laid out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), so that the expectations are clear for everyone involved.

Together with our customers, we regularly evaluate our SLAs in order to ensure that they continue to meet needs and expectations.


More information about our network?