Managed Public Cloud

In addition to our private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions, Amsio also offers Managed Services for public clouds, such as Microsoft Azure. As cloud adoption continues to gain momentum, we at Amsio recognize the importance of deploying and managing cloud resources that truly match our customers’ strategy, mission and vision. Increasingly, we’ve found that the best fit often involves multiple types of cloud solutions.

With our Managed Public Cloud services, you’ll gain valuable insight into network performance, availability, and efficient workload management. While the wide range of available services is one of the primary advantages of public cloud solutions, maintaining strict control is crucial in order to fully benefit from all that public cloud has to offer. Without a clear strategy and focused roadmap, public cloud solutions can quickly backfire, running up unnecessary costs and ultimately resulting in a network that is completely unmanageable. That’s why our certified engineers are involved throughout the entire process of setting up our customers’ public cloud solutions. When you let Amsio take care of your public cloud, you can be sure that security, performance, access management, support, SLA and guarantees are always in accordance with your needs and expectations. As your single point of contact for primary, technical and administrative matters, we’ll put you directly in touch with our engineers so you can get the answers you need, fast. No matter which cloud option you choose. The following are key points relating to our Managed Services:

  •   Design and implementation of your public cloud by our certified engineers;
  •   Service Level Agreement featuring 24/7 support, fully tailored to your needs ;
  •   Change and release management;
  •   Problem and incident management;
  •   Continuous optimization with efficient auto-scaling of public cloud resources;
  •   Direct contact with our certified engineers ;
  •   Regular evaluation of your chosen strategy with your personal service manager.

Are you ready to experience the best that Public Cloud has to offer with one of our clear, user-friendly solutions? Contact us today to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation to find out what Amsio can do for you.


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