Advantages of a private cloud

In addition to our public cloud solutions, Amsio also offers private cloud and hybrid cloud solutions. Private cloud, also known as ‘internal cloud’ or ‘corporate cloud’, is a cloud environment that is exclusively owned and operated by a single organization and is only accessible within that organization. You can transfer file storage, applications and even business-critical programs to your private cloud and remain in full control. While it’s possible to run a private cloud on your own hardware, this requires a significant capital investment, as well as ongoing support and maintenance costs. Why not let Amsio take care of all that for you? Here are just a few of the advantages offered by our private cloud solutions:

  •   Control and management of your private (virtual) servers;
  •   Secure, private access to your cloud (VPN or direct fiber) ;
  •   Amsio handles all hardware, storage and networking maintenance;
  •   Pay only for what you use;
  •   Completely scalable;
  •   No large, upfront investments in hardware.

Amsio also offers a wide range of Managed Services that can complement your chosen cloud solution. The possibilities are endless: modifications to our existing cloud products, managed private clouds, web platforms, or even complete networks. We also offer hybrid solutions using a public cloud, such as Azure.

When it comes to private cloud hosting, there are no “one size fits all” solutions; every organization has its own unique needs and challenges. Amsio will work with you to create a cloud hosting solution that’s truly tailored to your organization.


We feel at home with Amsio

Rob van der Leer, CEO at L&M Software.

L&M Software develops, supplies and implements software for all aspects of course administration and e-learning. 


Amsio was the first Dutch cloud provider to provide direct, redundant connections to Microsoft’s public cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. This enables us to offer our customers an SLA for high-availability private connections to Azure as part of our hybrid solutions. Customers can connect AmsioTMCloud and/or public and private cloud solutions directly to Microsoft Azure, all within the same network. Amsio can deliver ExpressRoute to Microsoft Azure from various data centers, including Telecity, GlobalSwitch and our primary facility, Interxion.

Amsio can now deliver direct connectivity to Microsoft Azure using ExpressRoute. Besides from Telecity, Amsio will also provide the service from the GlobalSwitch data center and her primary data center location at Interxion. The KPN network will also be added soon.


In addition to its significant benefit for hybrid cloud solutions, ExpressRoute is also ideally suited to backing up data to and from Azure, and can be used for creating test environments and disaster recovery scenarios. To find out more about what ExpressRoute can do for your organization, please contact us.

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