Our Infrastructure as a Service

With our Amsio™Cloud Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform, you can deploy, manage and scale your infrastructure using our self-service portal, anytime and from anywhere. Choose between two virtualization platforms: vCloud Director (based on VMware vSphere) and Windows Azure Pack (based on Microsoft Hyper-V).

Our uniquely flexible partner portal not only enables you to deploy new cloud servers, but also allows you to manage your licenses, including Microsoft SPLA licenses. We help you to take charge of your own cloud infrastructure, and are there to provide any support you may need.

Want to test drive Amsio™Cloud before making the switch? We offer a test environment for both the vCloud and Windows Azure Pack platforms.


Why choose Amsio Cloud?

  •  Smart, fast deployment of up-to-date cloud servers within minutes;
  •  Premium infrastructure with a choice between Hyper-V and VMware;
  •  Support for Linux, Windows and Unix;
  •  Manage your own licenses using our licensing tool;
  •  No long-term contracts;
  •  Every cloud server comes with its own operating system license and management software licenses;
  •  Integrated backups, multi-tiered storage and a virtual security appliance;
  •  Switch between different storage tiers without downtime;
  •  Pay-per-Day according to use;
  •  Fair use policy regarding bandwith use;
  •  99,9% uptime guarantee.

High-end infrastructure

When it comes to virtualization, there are three main pillars:

  •  Computing power
  •  Networking
  •  Storage

At Amsio, we use only leading brands across all layers of our cloud services. Computing power is provided by HP ProLiant server systems combined with the latest generation of Intel processors in order to deliver as many virtual CPUs as possible. Our network spans multiple data centers in the Netherlands and abroad, all of which are redundantly configured. These data centers are linked in a ring, using redundant 10 gigabit connections. We also have contracts with a number of internet providers in the Netherlands and worldwide, ensuring that multiple back-up connections are available at all times. In our network layer, which is built with Juniper and Fortinet components, hypervisors are connected to Juniper switches using 20 gigabit trunks. The use of link aggregation across multiple switches, also known as multi-chassis trunking, provides maximum availability. Thanks to these high-end components, we offer our customers high uptime guarantees and the best possible performance. For the storage component of virtualization, we make use of EMC storage systems, allowing us to provide ideal solutions for any workload.

storage tiers

EMC Storage

Our storage is provided by EMC VNX storage arrays. EMC remains the world market leader in data storage. Amsio has worked with EMC for years and has always found them to be a solid, trustworthy partner. Our virtual hard disks are stored on a tier consisting of 10k SAS disks. The LUNs that are configured on these disks are connected to the cluster using Fibre Channel. The EMC SAN arrays feature redundant controllers, redundant cache and dual-redundant paths. At disk level, redundancy is assured by means of RAID. Amsio has also chosen to insert an expanded cache layer between the controller cache and the disks using EFDs (Enterprise Flash Drives, also known as SSDs, but with SLC chips instead of MLC chips). This greatly increases the size of the cache, turning a few gigabytes of memory on the controllers into a few hundred redundant gigabytes on the EFDs. This setup results in highly available virtualization clusters with extremely high performance.

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