Cloud28+ now offers services in the U.S. market through Dutch partner Amsio

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Posted by Xavier Poisson Gouyou Beauchamps, Vice President, Worldwide Indirect Digital Services at HPE


Discover 2016 London marks an exciting time for Hewlett Packard Enterprise, our customers and our partners, and this year we’ve got something special to celebrate together with the one-year anniversary of the Cloud28+ catalogue launch. For those not familiar with Cloud28+, it’s a digital business platform for partners and customers to share knowledge, as well as offer and find enterprise cloud solutions. The Cloud28+ cloud catalogue currently features over 1000 services and is set to expand as more partners choose to spotlight their value-centric offerings through the platform.

A fantastic example of the initiative’s development is today’s announcement by Amsio that they will become the first Cloud28+ hosting provider to offer SaaS services to the U.S. market.

Amsio, though its partnership with SaasNow, provides customers with cloud-based BI and business analytics solutions focused on SAS Visual Analytics and SAS Visual Statistics software. SaasNow’s self-service portal gives customers insights from their data within just 30 minutes out of Amsio’s datacenter in New York. The software and infrastructure are based on a pay-per-month model – no long-term contract needed. This makes Amsio’s Cloud28+ analytics offering particularly accessible for business professionals looking to tap into the power of analytics, without being dependent on their IT departments.

As expanding value to customers via business-centric services is core to Cloud28+, we’re thrilled to have Amsio go beyond IaaS to offer analytics to the end user. Not only is Amsio meeting an increasing customer need to better leverage Big Data, but they are also showcasing how Service Providers and ISVs can flourish within Cloud28+ by focusing on content designed to solve business issues.

Having recently met with Amsio’s CEO Gerben van Leeuwen, I know that they place a premium on going the “extra mile” to serve as a partner and trusted provider to their customers – names that include KLM, Heineken and DHL to name just a few. With Cloud28+, even more customers can engage with Amsio on that “extra mile” service.

A long-standing HPE Gold Service Provider Partner, Amsio has been providing a broad range of cloud and managed services to businesses for over 15 years and now offers its HPE-infrastructure powered platform out of nine datacenters in 180 countries.


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