What we do

Amsio has been providing a broad range of cloud services and managed services to businesses for over 15 years. Thanks to our multi-certified data centers and our private network ring, we’re uniquely positioned to deliver premium managed infrastructure and hybrid cloud solutions.

Our highly-motivated team of experts take customers’ complex cloud infrastructure needs and distill them into elegant, easy-to-use full-service cloud solutions. We take care of the details, so our customers can focus on their core business. At Amsio, we’re not just a top-notch cloud infrastructure hosting company; we also serve as a partner and trusted advisor. Our willingness to go the extra mile has led hundreds of partners and customers to choose Amsio as their business partner.

Our guarantees

At Amsio, we believe in offering our customers clear guarantees about the performance of the applications we host for them. This includes applicable performance levels, response times, service windows, and availability. These guarantees are laid out in a Service Level Agreement (SLA), so that the expectations are clear for everyone involved. SLAs not only cover issues pertaining to dedicated hosting, managed hosting, VPS and VPS-Pro, but also maintenance and service, availability, service-level reporting, security, and incident-, problem- and change management. Together with our customers, we regularly evaluate our SLAs in order to ensure that they continue to meet needs and expectations.



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